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Plan to attend

Sunday, February 6, 2005 at 07:07AM
Posted by Registered CommenterDan H PLAN TO ATTEND THE INTERNET EVANGELISM FOR THE 21st CENTURY Conference at Liberty University April 1-2! Over the 1 ½ day conference there will be 21 unique workshops like “A Complete Internet Evangelism Strategy with No Technical Skills”, “Podcasting and Internet Evangelism”, “Reaching the Connected Generation with Blogging”, “Getting inside the seekers head”, “Evangelism on Usenet Newsgroups” and 15 others! This first ever conference will have international speakers and high quality workshops that will teach you how to use the internet to reach the Lost for Jesus Christ.

Registration cost is only $60.00 for a limited time and you can register online at All details are on the website as well as discounted lodging. This is a bargain!

5 biggest mistakes

Saturday, February 5, 2005 at 05:32PM
Posted by Registered CommenterDan H

 The 5 Biggest Mistakes Almost All Web Designers Make Huge Mistake #1: Creating a Website with Flash -- Did you know in a recent study, top internet marketers discovered that having a website created with Flash, actually decreased the response from prospects and customers by as much as 370 percent?
Huge Mistake #2: The "Internet Catalog" Approach -- You see this everywhere. Good, honest and hardworking businessmen and women get online to sell their products or services, and have a site created for them that contains a link to just about everything they offer on one page. Their thinking goes along the lines of, "...well, I don't want to leave anyone out. If they come to my site, I want to make sure I have what they're looking for..." -- This way of thinking could not be further from the truth.
Huge Mistake #3: Optimizing Your Sales Site for the Search Engines -- You'll see this taught in nearly every "internet marketing" course, manual or eBook out there... "You must optimize every page of your website for the search engines!" -- In fact, this false teaching is accepted as 'gospel truth' so often that most web designers will offer to do this for you at no, or little extra cost...
Huge Mistake #4: Having a "Graphics-Based" Website -- Sure, graphics can certainly help us to visualize a particular situation or circumstance, product or service... But did you know that having a graphically-driven website can actually distract your visitor away from your sales message?
Huge Mistake #5: Designing a Website with Zero Marketing Experience -- Most web designers have no idea how to make monëy on the internet, with anything other than their design services. It's not their fault - they simply have no or very little marketing and sales experience. After all, they're just website designers... From: The Site Pro Newsletter